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Cleveland Ingenuity Festival 2013

Greetings Readers!,

It has been quite some time since we’ve shared with you what the company has been up to. Busy none the less. We’d love to get you back up to speed on everything that’s happened but that will all come in a later post. Today we’d like to share that we have the privilege of performing at the 2013 Cleveland Ingenuity Festival! On Saturday the company will be performing an excerpt of “Walking on Clouds” in a warehouse with a twist! Our founding/artist director, Mary Verdi-Fletcher has collected footage from a documentary that shares the feats of people with and without disabilities coming together to capture the inaccessible buses. It promises to be an unforgettable and moving performance. If you’re visiting the Cleveland area this weekend, we recommend that you stop by the Cleveland Port at 1pm on Saturday to see the company perform!


The Dancing Wheels Company & School

Dancing Wheels Company & School has joined the blogging stratosphere! This is a glimpse into the everyday lives of our company. 

Below is our mission and purpose that guides us to inspire access in the arts to all individuals.

Our company’s lifelong mission to educate, advocate and entertain through compelling, innovative dance was born of the goals that each of our team members shares a heartfelt commitment to:
Enhance integration and diversity in the arts with works uniting people of all abilities. 
Provide successful, independent and creative role models for those with disabilities.
Erase negative stereotypes about people with disabilities in professional careers, primarily in the arts.
Instill greater understanding and professionalism in individuals of all ability levels.

In this blog you will see the company’s upcoming tours, events and performances. Today, we would like to spotlight the start of a new season for the School of Dancing Wheels. 

Registration starts tomorrow, September 15th at 8:30am, but will continue throughout the season. The studio will be buzzing with students taking classes in, Contemporary, Ballet, Modern, Hip Hop and Jazz. By the end of the day students will learn choreography and performance skills through the School of Dancing Wheels Performance Ensemble, which you will see dancing throughout Cleveland. 

For more information and registration forms:

Emma Parker – School Coordinator

Office: 216-432-0306