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West Virginia Tour

Did everyone know that Dancing Wheels goes on tour? Like a band or a broadway show, we travel to different venues and perform for various audiences. For example, today, Dancing Wheels went to West Virginia Northern Community College.

In the morning we traveled to the college which was about 3 hours away from our studios. Upon arrival we were all happily surprised with lunch that our presenters provided for us! After filling our tummies, we started our tech rehearsal.

Tech rehearsal is when the performers in each piece find their proper placement in the new space. Since every venue we perform in is different, sometimes there are adjustments needed to make it work.

Today’s tech was special because we had an audience…Bus 52. (@bus52 on twitter) Bus 52 asked if they could film our tech rehearsal as well as doing some interviews with some of the dancers. This was fun and interesting for everyone because we’re not used to having a crowd before the performance actually starts.

Once tech was finished we had an hour to get “snazzed up” for the show. Hair and makeup is important for accentuating a dancers face. After everyone was freshened up, we gathered on stage for a company warm up. This helps us warm up muscles and joints as well as becoming aware of each other in preparation for moving together in performance.

Show time!

We performed, “Far East of the Blues”, “Missing You” and “Walking on Clouds”

At the final bow the audience rose to their feet in a standing ovation. This always makes us feel like our message was received. After the performance we like to talk with the audience for feedback and their overall experience. Sometimes they even ask us for our autographs! At the end of it all we said our goodbyes and headed back on the road to home. It was a full and fulfilling day with our Art in Motion!