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The School of Dancing Wheels Ensemble collaborates with Unveil, ArtWorks Dance Performance Company


This past Saturday the dancers of the Performance Ensemble took class and rehearsal with the students from the after school program ArtWorks. These students are in internships learning how to create and be in a professional dance company. The two groups will be working together throughout this semester in creating some works to be performed in December. The ArtWorks dance company Unveil were asked to write about their experience at Dancing Wheels and their responses are below. The two groups will be meeting again November 3rd.


My experience with Dancing Wheels was great. I learned that it’s people first. It was nice to meet and dance with students and people with disabilities. They weren’t as different as anyone else. They still had emotions and feelings, and to me they were pretty happy. It was fun to see and learn how it feels to be in a wheelchair and having to use all of your upper body strength. I can’t wait to go back and dance with Dancing Wheels again!


I enjoyed working with the Dancing Wheels Company School Ensemble. It was a very fun experience. I loved when we worked on choreography. The techniques were insightful and interesting.


This Saturday at the Dancing Wheels Dance Company I had a good experience. I enjoyed moving with the dancers with disabilities, and I was inspired by how they and the whole company don’t let their disabilities hold them back! I really learned not to be discouraged or let something hold me back in dance or in life. I loved everybody’s positive attitudes and learning how to ride and move in the wheels chairs!


My experience at Dancing Wheels was awesome. I had a really good time working with the School Ensembles. I really liked how we did different dance moves with the wheel chairs. I didn’t know you could use wheel chairs in all of those different ways. My favorite part was riding on the back of the electric wheel chair and keeping a pose while doing it.


As I walked into the Dancing Wheels studio, I was hesitant, nervous for new experience and excited for new friends. Once I saw Motion teaching hip-hop, I thought it was all over. I have no rhythm. Hip-hop is not my favorite style of dance, but Motion helped me understand how to move. Once we started to interact with the dancers with disabilities, I was amazed. They were keeping up with all standing dancers phenomenally. Some could retain better then I could. Then we tried getting in their shoes, or I should say chairs. The experience was eye opening and extremely fun. I am ecstatic I have that memory and anticipating the next visit to be just as great!


I went to a small Quaker elementary school where there were at least two special needs kids in every class. I think the best thing you can do with special needs is to talk to them, and meet them at their level, and include them. I strived to do that last Saturday. It was interesting to learn wheelchair techniques, but I was acutely aware of the fact that, unlike some of the girls in the class, my experience in the wheelchair was only temporary.


My experience in working with dancers with disabilities was interesting. I was surprised to know how much the students talked. I always thought they were quiet but going to Dancing Wheels proved otherwise. They were as eager as I was to learn and I found it refreshing. They were also fun to work with because the shapes that we were able to create were unique. I also did an arabesque on one of the student’s motorized wheelchair, which I thought I couldn’t do but I tried it and accomplished it.


The Dancing Wheels School: Taylor Amanda Evans

This week we’d like to introduce you to Taylor!

I first heard about Dancing Wheels from Youth Challenge. I love watching the T.V. series So You Think You Can Dance because of all the cool routines and for all the people to go out there and perform their hearts out, that inspired me to dance as well. Dance is my way of expressing myself and escaping all my troubles. I’m in my second season now with the company and I love it! I am a member of the performance group and it’s really fun to perform with my best friends. When do I plan to stop you ask NEVER!

-Taylor Amanda Evans

Taylor (center) in the dressing during “The Snowman” Production.

In Studio

Today we’d like to share a bit about what goes on in the studio. Wednesday is a unique day because we start off our class at 9:30am instead of 10. We have a guest teacher, (Bill Wade) who comes in and teaches a Hawkins technique class. This is exciting for us because its something different from our usual classes and we get to share our space with Bill’s company and trainees!

At the beginning of this season, we welcomed a new dancer to the company (Shannon Sterne), as well as an apprentice (Kelly Clymer) and a trainee (Ja’Vaughn White). Since we are a repertoire company, there are many pieces that the new comers must begin learning in order to prepare for tours and upcoming performances. This week we’ve been focusing our attention on getting the dancers into such pieces as, Walking on Clouds, Far East of the Blues, Anomalies and many more. Can you imagine learning six different dances at the same time? Shannon, Kelly and Ja’Vaughn are doing it wonderfully!

This doesn’t happen everyday but Mary (Founder/Artist Director), bought presents, cards, pizza and cake to celebrate September birthdays!

Help us wish, Samantha Fox, Isaah Henderson and Sean Gilbert, the happiest of birthdays!!!

The Dancing Wheels Company & School

The School of Dancing Wheels teaches integrated technique to participants with and without disabilities. We serve ages 2 & up through dance/movement classes, ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, and hip hop. Our classes run through the school year and students get the opportunity to perform throughout Cleveland through our School of Dancing Wheels Performance Ensemble (SDWPE). Our mission is to the promote the idea of accessible art for every individual. We are always taking registration for new students. Please contact us for more information.